Monday, February 8, 2016

First Post

Wow, I thought that writing the book was going to be the hard part.  Apparently, authors today, on top of the monumental task of writing, completing, editing/revising, and publishing a book, now also have to run social media empires.

It's not enough to be on Facebook.  You have to have a blog, and be on Google+, and have an email, and be on LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and Tumblr, and Twitter, and Goodreads, and have a website, and an Instagram, and be on YouTube, and have a newsletter/text message updates, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  Is Myspace still a thing?

Wow.  Updating and following all this social media, how do any authors find any time to write?  I'm surprised there are any published authors at all beyond the publishing of posting into the vapid ether of undiluted egocentrics all vying for your attention: look at me-selfie-look at me-selfie. 

However, in an effort to promote myself and my writing, I'm going to put myself out there.  I've set up accounts with most of the social media listed above.   

I've always been a private person, so uncomfortable doesn't even begin to cover how I feel right now.  Something that will help me will be to set a purpose for social media endeavors.  So, in addition to trying to promote myself and my writing, I also plan to share details about my writing process, including my struggles, resources and ideas to help other aspiring authors, and some insight as an English major and full-time English language arts and reading teacher in Wisconsin. 

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